Wireless in Demand

The internet company Metronet (UK) has seen a significant growth in the last year due to increasing demand for wireless connectivity.

The company which is based in Manchester has reportedly reached a financial milestone with £1m of revenue a month this year. This is an increase of nearly one third and this is expected to increase into 2014.

Chief executive Elliott Mueller said: “This year has been a fantastic year for Metronet (UK). We have had strong organic growth and have succeeded in going above and beyond our targets. The company is still growing every day with plans to expand both our sales and support teams.”

Mr Mueller added: “Combined with the ever increasing demand for improved access to the cloud, our commitment to delivering market leading service in supporting the increasingly complex connectivity needs of our customers has been the driving force behind the growth in our network, which spans the North West, West Yorkshire and the Midlands.

“We are on track to match our current growth rate in 2013/14, which will be fuelled by additional investment in our infrastructure and the expansion of coverage for data-dependent businesses across the UK.”