Will There Be A World Cup Footy Bonus For UK Economy?

A lot is made of the benefits hosting a major sporting event can have on a national economy. If you are old enough to remember the excitement of England’s hosting of the European football championship in 1996 or the heady days when the national team had realistic hopes of winning subsequent tournaments, you may have noticed how it can influence anything from alcohol sales to fashion. So what can we expect from this year’s tournament in Russia?

Analysts predict that the UK economy could get a £1.33 billion financial bonus from a World Cup that is being held several thousand miles away in Russia this summer. However, this depends on England making it out of a group that includes Tunisia, Panama and Belgium.

England failed to make it out of their group last time out in 2014 so a place in the latter rounds is far from guaranteed. It will also be a stretch to see England reach the final which would see the economic bonus to the UK economy rise to a predicted 2.72 billion.

Much of the extra spending is likely to be on alcohol, sports merchandise and anything that may be connected to extra spending as England progress through the tournament.