What are the benefits of using accounting software?

Even if you’ve hired an accountant, accounting software is an invaluable tool for every business, no matter its size.

Whether you’re a freelancer or an e-commerce business, accounting software will help you to record, manage, and analyse your business’ finances and performance.

Having all your financial information stored in one organised, digital place makes your accountant’s job quicker and easier.

But it’s not just us that will benefit from you using accounting software, there are numerous benefits to you, the business owner, too.

Get organised

– If you’re not yet using accounting software then your data is probably spread across spreadsheets, notebooks, and folders bursting with receipts. Accounting software allows you to store all this information consistently and efficiently in one organised place. It also makes it easy to quickly find the information you require by performing a simple search.

Professional invoicing

– Even the smallest business will need to invoice their customers. Accounting software can be used to quickly create professional invoices and keep track of payments.

Time saving

– Accounting software takes a lot of the hard work out of recording your business’ finances by automating certain tasks and calculations. Some software can even be linked up to your bank account to automatically pull in and categorise your business transactions, essentially doing a lot of your bookkeeping for you.


– As well as saving you a lot of time, automation also reduces the risk of human error, making your accounts far more accurate and reliable.


– Most accounting software now stores data online in the cloud. Meaning that not only can you access it from anywhere, but that it is also safe and secure.

If you require help choosing an accounting software that is suitable for your business, get in touch with your accountant here at Michael Bell and we will be happy to help you.