UK Third Most Important Country For Company Growth Prospects

A recent survey of investors has placed the UK third on the global list for company growth prospects despite the uncertainty surrounding what kind of Brexit deal will be struck with the EU.

The survey by PwC found that a third of investors put the UK among their top 3 along with the USA and China. This contrasts with the previous year when 19% of investors included the UK in their top three.

These results contradict the view that investors will be turned off by Britain’s exit from the EU. In a boost to those fearing the financial industries will be hit, investors who are involved in finance and technology were the most likely to include the UK among their top three countries.

Germany meanwhile saw a drop in the number of investors backing its prospects from 39% down to a third.

The survey covered a total of 550 investors from around the world and 1,300 CEOs.

London remains a big draw for investors at a city level and it placed second behind New York for investment prospects. London was the only European city in the top 5 which included Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco.