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What are the criteria for an employee to qualify for a workplace pension scheme?

Businesses that don’t enrol eligible employees onto a workplace pension scheme are breaking the law, make sure that you’re familiar with the criteria for enrolment. Pension auto-enrolment is a government scheme that was introduced under the Pensions Act 2008. The scheme makes it compulsory for employers to auto-enrol all eligible employees into a pension scheme…

90,000 Savers Stop Putting Money Into Pensions Due To Tax

A report in the FT this week revealed that 90,000 savers have stopped putting money in their pensions to avoid a hefty tax bill on pensions worth over 1 million. The news will come as a further blow to anyone hoping for a comfortable retirement and follows a succession of new tax rules that seem…


There has been quite a lot of buzz around the legislation that requires businesses to contribute to employee pension schemes, but very little information is being made available to SME’s about how to go about selecting scheme. This is reflected into a recent survey among SME owners about what they want from a pension scheme….