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Accounting Terminology Basics

Though, of course, as a business owner you will need to relay upon the skills of a qualified accountant to help with the financial management and reporting of your business, it is important that you develop a keen grasp of some of the concepts and principles involved in managing the finances of your business. Here…

Tips On Managing Your Cashflow After Brexit

No doubt you will be growing tired of hearing about Brexit like the rest of us but it would be wrong to ignore some of the potential implications for your business and cash flow in particular. Some of the consequences of Brexit are already being felt as some business costs have increased. With the pound…

3 SME Business Cash Flow Hacks

As a small business owner you will no doubt be aware of the importance of cash flow to your business. If we think of cash flow as the lifeblood of our business, then it is important to pay it the attention it deserves, which means not forgetting to collect, ask for payments or process them….