Report Says UK business Investment Set To Rise In 2017

A survey by the Bank of England seems at odds with many forecasts as it reveals a brighter scenario of more investment for UK business in 2017.

The survey of 700 companies reveals that that companies are on the whole looking to build up capacity in response to positive figures on consumer spending and an increase in export orders.

This supports the view from the ONS which revealed a strong end to 2016 for the UK economy, something that seemed a forlorn hope in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit growth.

So can business owners look ahead with greater optimism for the year ahead?

Like all forecasts and surveys, you would be forgiven for thinking that this news could be taken with a pinch of salt. Predictions for the future of the UK economy have been wrong before on many occasions.

Many larger businesses such as Rolls Royce have already been badly affected by the plummeting value of GBP. Other exporting companies will also have been hit by uncertainty.

It is more important than ever to factor in any outside risks into financial planning to ensure your business isn’t caught out if predictions of a bright 2017 fail to become reality.