Record numbers file tax returns on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve

Record numbers of people used two of the festive season’s landmark days to spend some time filing their tax returns early.

This year, however, it looks like things have been different for many business owners who have actually chosen to file their tax returns over Christmas and New Year to avoid the annual stress of leaving it until the last minute.

A record number chose to file their returns between Christmas Day and New Years Eve. Statistics show a rise of 13% on 2014according to the HMRC, who must be pleased that their IT systmes will take a little less pounding in 2016 as a result.

2,044 people filed their returns on Christmas day and while not everyone celebrates Christmas day, there may have been a few who missed their Christmas dinner or the annual opening of presents to ensure they could relax for the remainder of festivities.

Anyone who misses the January 31 deadline for tax returns could face a £100 fine plus £10 on top each day after so it is little wonder that Britain’s small business owners are enthusiastic about getting their returns done early even if it means missing out on some fun.