Quick company ‘fit for new business’ health

As we near the end of the COVD restrictions, more and more businesses are getting ‘fit’ for a re-start.

The following thoughts and questions may quickly lead you to raise some relevant actions and perhaps get you focussed on getting back into some level of new business planning.

  1. New Client Acquisition

How ready are you for acquiring new clients?  Has the lock-down period and stop/start left you still ready for sustainable growth?  

Are there available opportunities that can help ‘shift’ potential customers into regular customers? Are you ready and able to build these opportunities into your strategy for the coming year?

  • Marketing 

What marketing plans are in place in to attract you to your target market?  What marketing are you investing in? is it relevant?

Looking at your current marketing strategy and revisiting the strategies may lead you to establishing what is working and what’s not. 

3. Lead Generation 

Are you focussing such that you’re able to convert leads into buying customers? Every customer starts on the same journey and can hopefully become your best salesman:

The Customer Journey

Awareness – Firstly the prospect is made aware of you and your products and services through effective marketing.

Consideration – Once they know about you, they then need to be convinced. Research says the average committed customer takes 7 ‘touches’ in consideration. Maybe an online advert (1), a good webpage (2), an article (3), a testimonial (4), a case study (5), a quickly answered phone call (6) and a friendly voice (7) 

Purchase – The moment of truth – you have a customer!

Retention – Now you have them, love them, cherish them and treat them with respect

Advocate – Having got here; your best customers tell all their friends!!!!

5. Strategic Acquaintances

Are you Networking your business?

Word of mouth marketing is very powerful and best of all it’s very inexpensive!

The relationships developed through networking can be a great source of referrals, shared knowledge and new markets and opportunities for growth.  

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