Most Manchester Businesses Support Devolution

With over two thirds of the country unaware of what Northern Powerhouse idea is all about, it should at least come as encouraging news to the government, that businesses are welcoming devolution in Manchester.

According to a recent survey, the vast majority of businesses think that devolution will bring positive benefits, including investment in the local authority, more say over where money is invested and more powers over taxes.

The one thing business owners were concerned about was their lack of say in the future of the city. 400 businesses were surveyed in total with three quarters of them supporting the idea of a more powerful regional authority.

When asked about greater control over housing, transport and taxes, however, just over hal;f of businesses thought it would give their businesses certain advantages.

The survey entitled ‘Firm Views: the business take on devolution’ was published in the new Centre for Cities report in association with TLT.

Greater Manchester will have its own elected mayor from 2017 and the cities health and social care budgets will be devolved from 2016.

Whether or not Manchester and other Northern cities become the powerhouses of the future is open to debate. If promised investment does arrive and transport links between the cities are improved as a result, then the future could be bright for businesses already benefitting from the considerable regeneration that has taken place over the past 20 years.