How to spot a genuine HMRC Tax Return Email

Unsurprisingly we are all becoming more and more suspicious of emails claiming to be from official channels such as HMRC. However HM Revenue and Customs will be sending out email reminders for people to file their self-assessment tax returns before the 31st January deadline.

Do not be caught out by a fake email requesting you to divulge financial information. HMRC has released some guidance notes about how to recognise a genuine email from them;

  • The email will not state “urgent action required’ or other similar phrases
  • Their genuine email address will end in so be sure to check the ‘from’ address.
  • Ensure that any pages linked to from the email are genuine. They will always be
  • Any email will generally be sent to your first name and will usually be addressed personally rather than to a generic ‘dear customer’

Any suspected fake emails should be reported to the Action Fraud website.