How Do You A Scale Up Business?

This is literally the million dollar question for many businesses struggling to become what is known as a scale-up.

A scale-up is defined as a business that averages growth of 20% a year and starts life with a minimum of 10 employees at the start of this three-year growth period. 20% growth a year would be music to the ears of most start-up companies fewer get there in the UK than they do elsewhere in the world and particularly when we compare the UK to the United States.

So is this a question of attitude and business skills? Are business owners better when it comes to scaling up in the US than they are in the UK?

No the real culprit is often to British businesses lagging behind other advanced economies in this regard is due to a lack of finance to fund their start-ups and take them to the next level.

Yet finding funding is not necessarily difficult if you know where to look and are prepared to look at all the alternatives out there.

Options can include grants and regional funding, or if you own a micro business, business angels can be a good source of funding. The latter will be particularly keen to invest in companies with ambitious owners, solid business plans and a product or service that will stand out in the marketplace.