Failed Merger Talks Between Addlesshaws and Nabarro

Two Yorkshire based law firms have revealed that they’ve held unsuccsesful merger talks. The talks started at the start of February 2013, the two firms have confirmed.

The merge would have pulled Addlesshaws Goddard and Nabarro under the same roof, creating a company with combined revenues of more than £280m.

In a statement, Addleshaw Goddard said: “We have always said that we would be open minded about the possibility of further merger to accelerate our strategic progress and growth. We confirm that, consistent with that, we held preliminary discussions with Nabarro to explore the potential benefits of a merger.

“Those preliminary discussions have now ended and will not be progressing further. We continue to have a good relationship, and we wish Nabarro well. No further comment will be made by either firm.”

Nabarro said: “Nabarro and Addleshaws did hold very preliminary conversations to explore a possible merger. However, both firms agreed not to pursue discussions further. We continue to have a good relationship with Addleshaws.”