Demand for Coal sees ATB Morleys’ Turnover Grow

With the demand for coal rising, ATB Morley has managed to turn that into their favour, which has seen their turnover grow by 30%.

Due to the turnover rise, the Leeds based manufacturers’ revenue rise to £25.1m, with their pre-tax profits also rising from £2.6m to £3.2m.

ATB Morley, who produce electric motors for use in tough environments, admitted that the extra workload had them stretched to their own limits last year, with the need for outsourcing some of the work.

The order total for the end of 2011 hit £30m, which was a milestone for the business, who had hit the highs of their own business the year before, with record sales of £28m.

With 60% of its output normally heading to China, ATB saw that number shrink to 45%, however, they saw significant growth with exports to Australia and Russia.

ATB Morley are even looking to expand the company, recently having taken orders from the renewable energy sector, but coal mining is still their main target market, according to its latest directors’ report.

ATB Morley is a past winner of the Yorkshire Innovator award at the Yorkshire Business Masters awards.