Beware Of HMRC Charging For Tax Debt Home Visits

Anyone thinking that a visit from the taxman over tax debts will be just an unpleasant experience that can either be avoided or endured without too much fuss should think again. The HMRC is hitting people with charges for home visits.

With HMRC under pressure to improve the amount of money it recovers from taxpayers, the prospect of a visit has rarely been more likely for those getting themselves into trouble over unpaid tax bills.

The HMRC are setting out to recover billions of pounds and according to the reports they are getting even tough with debtors and charging additional fees to cover the costs of home visits.

The tax authorities can already imposes a 7.5% charge on debts over £1,500 and they can even make sure debts are paid by seizing belongings if the money proves difficult to recover.

Critics have slammed the new approach to debt recovery. The HMRC has already been accused of disproportionately targeting small business owners who may have genuine cash flow issues. Many can be pushed out of business due to tax debts and problems recovering money they are owed.

The best advice for businesses that find themselves in trouble with HMRC is to contact them and make them aware of the situation before it gets out of hand.