Bad Downpour Costs Huddersfield Paving Firm

Huddersfield based paving firm Marshalls suffered a loss of £5m, and has blamed the wet weather in April as to the reason why.

The wettest April on record ‘hit domestic sales hard’, which the firm say caused the drop, thus making them down 8% from the first four months of last year. The revenue for the year to the end of April was £106m, which was 3% down on 2011 but still above the amount reached at that stage in 2010.

A statement from the company read “Marshalls has built increased financial and operational flexibility into its business in recent years and remains encouraged by the continuing strength of the private commercial end market, which has offset weakness in public sector, and the resilience of the installer order book.”

“The positive impact of targeted growth initiatives should continue to mean that Marshalls is well placed to outperform the market.”