Are Some People Really Not Suited For Self-Employment?

An interesting article in Forbes magazine this month highlighted a ‘business lie’ that not everyone is cut out for self-employment.

The accepted wisdom in business is that there are people who are better cut out for employment than self-employment. Yet this ignores the fact that there are plenty of skills that are of value in each.

This raises the possibility that it is not about whether people are better suited to one or the other but more a case of are people actually suited to either one?
It can be a scary thought to move away from the perceived security a job offers. Getting paid a salary each month offers certainty and allows better forward planning than the volatility of not knowing where the next payment is coming from.

Yet if you are actually good at what you do, then self-employment can offer security and with the right accountant you can plan for any uncertainties. Be it a job or self employment, there is no such thing as security these days.

A well-tuned survival instinct is useful whether you are building a career in employment or a business working for yourself. A good work ethic is also crucial to do well. If you don’t have either then you face a struggle to succeed in any endeavour.