Are Accountants Really Among The Most Feared Professionals?

Data from a survey released this month says that accountants are among the most feared professionals.

The survey put together from Fletchers Solicitors from an unknown number of respondents places accountants third on a list that has chefs and Bar staff occupying the top 2 places. 64% of respondents listed accountants as the most intimidating of the professions.

Plumbers, electricians and builders were not too far behind at 59% which begs the question, what is it that the public finds so intimidating?

Could it be that an accountant is usually the one to break the bad news about company finances or the person that is most pragmatic about spending company money?

When it comes to money, none of us like to hear that we are spending too much or we should scale back our ambitions until we can afford to press ahead. Imagine, for example life, handling the accounts of the country’s elite Premier League football teams at a time when £100 million for one football player is seen as a real possibility in the current market?

In some cases the voice in your ear you least want to hear is the sensible one that speaks the truth! Fortunately for us accountants continue to be the fourth most romantically desirable professionals according to another survey released earlier in the year. Perhaps there is something likeable about accountants after all.