Another Poll Shows Businesses Against Brexit

As the crucial in or out vote on being part of the EU looms large on the horizon, another poll of business leaders from across Europe shows that the vast majority are against a Brexit.

Whatever your political view, the view of business leaders is an important consideration in the complex decision over whether to vote to be part of Europe or outside it. There are arguments for and against either way, but a poll of 8,000 small, medium and large businesses that operate largely outside the UK reveals that in their point of view, The UK should stay in.

According to the Business Insider 89.3% members “considered that, on balance, it would be in the best interests of the UK to stay in the EU.”

This follows another poll of CFOs from large companies where it was found that three quarters were in favour of Britain remaining in the EU. This number was an increase on the 62% recorded in the previous quarter.

This suggests that many individuals are beginning to change their view as the vote gets closer and the uncertainty surrounding the changes this could bring to doing business with partners in the EU increases, more people are likely to vote no to a Brexit.